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A Pest Control Guide In South Sydney To Help You Find a Suitable Pest Controller

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Possum Removal

Are you hearing loud thumping and banging sounds on your roof at night? Are you having trouble sleeping because of it? Then the most likely scenario is that you have possums that have invaded the inside of your roof.

Possums are nocturnal creatures and create loud disturbances in the night and sleep in the day. ABC Pest Control is highly experienced in dealing with possums and removing them safely from your South Sydney residence.

By setting up expert possum traps and baits, ABC Pest Control will capture all of your possums and remove them without hassle for an affordable price.


Termites are the most deadly of pests, they are capable of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. If you do not take care of your termite problem right away you risk the destruction on your home or property.

ABC Pest Control knows termite behaviour inside and out. From termite colonies to termite hiding places, ABC Pest Control will locate and destroy the termite infestation effectively making sure that termites won’t bother you for the many years to come.

For a professional termite inspection, termite treatment or termite control, please contact ABC Pest Control today.

Book Your Termite or Possum Removal Service Today:

For a free termite or possum removal quote, please call ABC Pest Control today on 1300 411 970.

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South Sydney Pest Control Guide

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